Frequently Asked Questions

Q             I have heard stories about questionable flat pack quality?

A             This is a very common query because there are some horror stories out there. Our carcasses are made in Queensland using 16mm HMR (High Moisture Resistance) board including the structural back panel. This is a standard among cabinet makers and is vital to the strength of our cabinets allowing them to be directly wall mounted – not requiring any unsightly brackets.


Q             What about cabinet assembly, how easily do they go together?

A             Many of us have encountered a cam lock when assembling a flat pack project. These small metal (sometimes even plastic) components drop into a hole and are intended to ‘lock’ on to a screw in a joining panel. These are notorious for coming lose and are not used in professional cabinet making. Our cabinets are assembled with screw and dowel only which provides very strong construction with the benefit of dowels to help align panels and remove some guesswork.


Q             How long does my project take to arrive from the time I order?

A             We generally allow 3 weeks for delivery of your order. If you are replacing an existing kitchen or laundry, this is the ideal time to prepare your old space for removal, disconnection of appliances and even relocation of any services required for the new build.


Q             How long will it take to complete my project?

A             This is one question we can’t answer. The size of your kitchen, your experience and level of preparedness all count. From experience, the carcasses take around 10 minutes each to assemble once you have a couple under your hat as they are virtually all assembled the same way. One idea is to build the carcasses in another room and have them staged ready to go.


Q             How do I know what goes where?

A             We provide you with highly detailed plans specific to your project (these are the plans that you will have signed off before we placed your order. These show dimensions and different perspectives to help you find your way.


Q             I am not ready to take on a DIY project this big

A             Not a problem (you are not alone!) we have many trade customers who have been buying from M&B for years who can offer installation. Your designer will be able to provide you contact details and you will deal directly with them to arrange your installation.


Q             I am a builder or cabinet maker, what can M&B offer me?

A             M&B have serviced the small to medium and larger project builders for years and can partner with your business as a selection centre for much of your second fix selection. We are able to take your brief and guide a customer through their colour/appliance/accessory selection and communicate this back to you or take them through the entire design process.